Run for Charity

Charity begins at Reaper

About 10% of all runners will run for a charity. Many people say that it helps them with their training, giving them a clear focus and an extra reason to get out and train when they would rather have their feet up in front of the TV!

This years charity is Roy Castle Lung Cancer Foundation

Roy Castle Lung Cancer Foundation is the only UK charity wholly dedicated to beating lung cancer. Lung Cancer is the UK’s biggest cancer killer. It kills more people than breast, colo-rectal and prostate combined yet received only 65 of research funding. This is simply not good enough and we should all expect better.

Through donations we are able to:
• Fund vital research ensuring better outcomes for patients with lung cancer in the future
• Increase survival rates
• Support lung cancer patients and their families
• Prevent the next generation getting lung cancer.

Beating the UK’s biggest cancer killer – together.